29 July 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Same Sex Marriage Survey Results

Thank you to everyone that contributed to our survey, 1532 people in the Brisbane federal electorate responded.  These survey results are a combination of the on line and electorate wide newsletter survey I distributed earlier this year.   

In total 1120 people (73%) indicated they believe that the Federal Parliament should change the marriage act to allow for same sex couples to describe their relationship as a “marriage”. Of the 412 respondents who were opposed to changes to the marriage act to allow for same sex marriage 112 or 27% felt they could support civil union. 

A similar number of responses were received from people outside of the Brisbane electorate.  These however, were not tallied or included in my electorate results.

During the course of this debate I have heard from, and met with a number of individuals, organisations and representatives from both sides of this discussion.  I have appreciated the opportunity to meet with you and listen to your views.